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Themes Hunter, US

January 25, 2016


Tech stack

Design: Adobe Illustrator, Figma
Frontend: Vue.js, HTML5
Backend: PHP/Laravel, Debian


In 2014, one of our clients, who decided to enter the WordPress themes market, ordered a WordPress themes price comparison website.
The monetisation model of such a project means getting income from affiliate programs to creating own products and aiming at a fully-featured MarketPlace such as


We faced the challenge of connecting 20 different MarketPlace websites into one search system, which would display data based on different criteria. We have made some research and found out that only 4 websites out of 20 have appropriate API.
The WordPress market is very competitive. In order to be able to win the competition, we had to build an appropriate and popular platform in demand.


Our programmers have developed a server-side parser, which retrieves the information from more than 20 websites on more than 20 000 various products and updates it on a daily basis.
We track the following parameters:

  • Amount of downloads
  • Price change
  • Comments
  • Version update
  • Customer review

We have built the front-end in a way that users could easily find necessary themes by choosing different criteria and using filters.
What’s more, we have created our own score system based on ThemesHunter experts’ opinions to help website visitors choose the best theme up to their requirements.

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